#1 – Athabasca Falls

#1 – Athabasca Falls

April 17, 2016 – Dana and her kids have always loved Jasper, and now was the time they finally introduce it to me (Troy).  Still in fishing mode, I looked at it as an opportunity to fish a new set of rivers and streams.  During the day though we took a break to check out Athabasca Falls, which would end up being the first waterfall we saw together.

To get there from Jasper you can just take the Icefields Parkway (Hwy 93) south approximately 31 km, then turn right (West) on Hwy 93A and go not even a full km.

Map view Map view of 93A

You’ll see signs to turn left into the parking lot…

93A sign

It contains the short trailhead, or if you’re really lazy you can drive a bit further and park right beside the bridge (not recommended but lots of tourists do it).

93A just before bridge 93A bridge view

Either option you take is easy though, for as soon as you get out of your vehicle you’ll hear/see the Falls and see lots of little short trails.  Again, it’s highly commercialized and practically on the highway so you don’t have to worry about prepping too much for this one.  It is a good idea to always plan and know your route ahead of time though, as your phone may not always have service.

Not knowing I was going to grow a strong appreciation for waterfalls and start a whole blog, I didn’t actually take many pics or keep good notes that day.  In fact I breezed by the waterfall with my fishing rod and fly vest and started fishing the Athabasca River.  We’ll get better with each post!  For now here are the pics we took:

You’ll see that it’s a pretty powerful waterfall that cuts through a short canyon.  I get a better picture of the actual Falls on August 20, 2016..look for that post once I create it:

IMG_7341 IMG_7344

We try our best to get a group selfie…can’t really see the waterfall but here it is nonetheless..


And more pics…

IMG_7347 IMG_7349

Then we found a cool staircase…


and made our way down.  You’ll see some inukshuks there…


And then a gorgeous pool with apparently no fish.  Still, it’s a beautiful section of the Athabasca River.

IMG_5913 IMG_7354

There’s lots of cool photo opportunities…

IMG_7357 IMG_5903

Here’s my favourite view of the canyon where the Falls come out of…


And there you have it, our first waterfall in Alberta viewed together!

As we progress we’ll get much better with our posts, taking better pics and videos of the Falls 🙂

Any questions/suggestions/etc. just let us know!

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  1. Just read your first post, Troy & Dana!! Fantastic, gorgeous pics.. Can’t wait to see the next ones..
    #beautifulAlbertaFalls …

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