We are Alberta Waterfall Chasers!

We are Alberta Waterfall Chasers!

Welcome to our website.  Dana and I (Troy) are a nature-loving couple with a new goal:

We want to see every waterfall in Alberta!

According to the World Waterfall Database (at the time we started) there are 239.  At this point we’ve seen 64 (plus 4 Out-of-Province waterfalls and 4 non-listed Alberta waterfalls).  Technically we saw our first one together on April 17, 2016 but didn’t start pursuing this goal until July 30th, 2016.

Almost every waterfall we conquer involves some hopelessness, despair, worry, danger, then relief and overjoy…definitely a wide range of emotions resulting in amazing experiences!

Check out the blog to follow our progress.  With only some rough GPS coordinates and the odd hiking or kayaking article to go off of, resources seem limited on the web – which always makes for a great adventure!  However if you have any information to help us find the remaining ones please let us know, and feel free to share your own personal experiences or photos 🙂

And so, the search continues…